Hi! My name is Xiaodong Zhang.

I'm currently a 1st year master student in Computer Science at Brown University, and expected to graduate on May 2020. My study focuses on software systems, operating systems, and I'm also trying to take more courses related to data science and machine learning.

Before I came to Brown, I've been working at Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB) as a software engineer for 4 years. Our team takes responsibility for all frontend systems for bank tellers. It is a group of seven systems, and most of them are based on .Net Framework 4.0. My job includes developing new features in these systems, discussing with business colleagues, evaluating the practicability and workload of implementing new features in our systems. My job at SPDB broadened my skills in software architecture and helped me to form a complete understanding of requirement analysis, design, development, and testing phases.

I've got a CS Master's degree and CS Bachelor's degree at Harbin Institute of Technology. During that period, my study focused on entity resolution. I did research on e-commerce data, and published a demo on SIGIR2013.

After 10-years studying and using computer science technologies, I broadened my technology skills from frontend to backend, and expanded these knowledge base from high tech to finance. I'm experienced in programming with C/C++ and Python, and skilled in using Linux and Windows.

Now I'm taking more courses to deepen my understanding of system performance. I want to be a system architect responsible for building large-scale computational systems.


I am currently living in Providence, Rhode Island

You can reach me by